Help us win climate education this general election.

Putting on the pressure

We are creating an un-ignorable wave of youth pressure for climate education ahead of the general election to ensure our next government delivers on mandatory, integrated, solutions-centred climate education.

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Praise the good (and call out the bad)

We are turning the tables by meeting with our parliamentary candidates to see how they grade on our report card to reveal their level of ambition for climate education.

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Achieving real change

Students aren't being prepared to face the effects of climate change, or taught to understand the solutions. This election is an opportunity to change this, reforming our education system around climate justice and sustainability.

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Meet with your election candidates

We’ll support you to meet with your candidates for the next general election, using our climate education report cards we can score and compare candidates.


Report on poor school buildings

We need your help to show the government how shoddy our underfunded school buildings have become. Take photos of mould, leaks and disrepair at your school to help us build a case for upgraded, climate-friendly classrooms.


Sign up to stay engaged

As the General Eleciton progresses we’ll be needing more and more help from our supporters, we’ll keep in touch with you when you sign up to call for politicians to improve our climate education.


41 days until the election

We have 41 days to ensure that climate education is on the minds of voters and political parties/candidates this general election and to that we say, bring it on!


Why it's important for young people to talk to parliamentary candidates about climate education

Meeting to talk with our political candidates as part of Teach the Future's "Is Climate Education on their Cards?" general election campaign is our chance to open up a nuanced and effective political discussion of the issues that matter to us.