What we want: broad climate education for all across the UK.

Teach students about climate change.

Students need to be taught about the climate emergency and ecological crisis: how they are caused, what we can do to mitigate them and what our future lives and jobs are going to look like due to them. ​Sustainability and these crises need to become key content in all subject areas. Educators need to be trained in how to teach about these difficult topics in a way that empowers teachers and students, and they need funding and resources to do this.

Include green skills in many vocational courses.

The UK needs a workforce able to bring us to net-zero emissions and make us world leaders in sustainable technologies. Therefore, vocational courses need to include the green skills needed to achieve this.

Make educational buildings climate-friendly.

Our education buildings play an essential role in how and what we learn, by retrofitting them to net-zero emissions by 2030, we can create green jobs across the country and inspire students to live sustainably.

Policy documents:

We've written Teach the Future policy documents that explain how we want these changes to happen and outline why they are necessary (+ some research). You can check them out on each of the national branch's page.