The national curriculum has not been substantively or systematically reviewed for at least eight years, and doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon.

Using a 'tracked changes' methodology and a set of guiding principles, we are showing what a new curriculum for England could look like:

  • Students should be able to appreciate the interconnectedness of living and non-living things, critically engaging with the concept of sustainability
  • Learning should support students to understand eco-anxiety, and help develop student action
  • Creative thinking should be fostered through debate, learning through the environment, and more.
Read the ten guiding principles

Our final report shows leaders and policy-makers exactly how and why climate education shouldn’t be siloed into certain subjects like Science and Geography.

  • Instead, climate education should be mandatory and integrated across all subjects.

Subject-Specific Documents

Take a look at the amendments we've suggested to individual subjects.

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