Ask the government to implement broad climate education

Target: Minister/Secretary of State for Education

Our current education isn’t good enough. Students aren't being prepared to face the effects of climate change, or taught to understand the solutions. But we can change this.
Sustainability and climate change need to be taught across the curriculum, equipping generations to come with the skills and knowledge needed for the green jobs of the future. A broad climate education will empower every young person to contribute to a more resilient, sustainable society.

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I want the Minister/Secretary of State for Education to ensure that all students are substantively taught about the climate emergency and ecological crisis. I want this to become key content in all subject areas, not just geography or science. I want teachers to be trained in how to teach about these difficult topics sensitively and to be given the funding and resources to do this.
I want vocational courses to include the green skills necessary to bring the UK to net-zero emissions by 2050 and make us world leaders in sustainable technologies and I want all education buildings to be retrofitted to net-zero emissions by 2030.
Therefore, I want the minister/secretary to implement a Climate Emergency (and Ecological Crisis) Education Act and include the climate emergency and ecological crisis in teacher training.

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