Fund the Future

We’re calling for more funding to fix up and decarbonise our schools.

School buildings across the country are falling apart, they are damp, cold and unsafe - and yet consistently being denied funding by the Department for Education.

We’re campaigning for a large increase in funding to ensure that our schools are safe, comfortable and climate friendly -  so we can learn in an environment fit for the future.

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The problem with our schools...

The RAAC concrete scandal - in which 234 schools in England were found to be built with an unsafe and potentially collapsing material - demonstrated something that students and teachers have known for a long time: our schools are in urgent need of a fix-up.

Meanwhile, 2,945 schools have signed on to go zero-carbon by 2030. They want to be teaching in decent, environmentally-friendly buildings so that their students can be engaging with a sustainable environment everyday.
Without more funding, this will be impossible.

We’re calling on the government to fund the retrofitting  and rebuilding of schools - cutting energy costs for schools and providing better learning environments for students, and helping the UK reach its net-zero goals.

Email us photos of your school

We want to show the government that underfunding has really  hurt our school buildings - but we need evidence to do this.

We need students, parents & teachers to send in photos of the problems with their school buildings - the damp, disrepair, inefficiency and mould that are damaging our learning environments.

**Sending in photos gives you the chance to enter our £50 National Book Token Prize Draw**

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