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Write to your MP

Thank you to all those of you that wrote to your MPs about our reception, it had a great effect! We would be very grateful if you would now follow-up with them and ask them how they can help us get our draft bill into legislation. You can see if your MP attended our reception here.

If you haven’t yet contacted your MP yet about Teach the Future, and if you live in England (Teach the Future is currently focused on England because education is a devolved matter), we would be very grateful if you could write to them and say you support Teach the Future. Tell them that it is an issue you care deeply about, and ask them how they can help us convert our bill into legislation. You can use the below template.


You can find out your MP’s email address here. Please share their responses with us at hello@sos-uk.org. Thanks for your support!

Letter Template

Subject: Teach the Future


Dear [insert name of MP],


My name is [your name] and I live in [your town]. I am contacting you because I’m supporting the student-led Teach the Future campaign (www.teachthefuture.uk), which is calling for a climate emergency education plan. Education and climate change are both issues I care deeply about. The students leading Teach the Future are amazing and have drafted their own Climate Emergency Education Bill. I have had a look at it and am incredibly impressed, and I support of all of their asks. I would very much like to see it become legislation.


Assuming you too are supportive, please could you let me know what you personally might be able to do to support the students in their campaign for better climate education?  


Many thanks,


[Insert Name]

[Insert address AND postcode]