Why do we need to Stop Cambo?

Anna Brown
September 23, 2021

In recent weeks you may have seen and heard about the campaign to #StopCambo, a new oil field which Shell and Siccar Point Energy are seeking approval from the UK government for. The oil field, named Cambo, would be situated in the North of Scotland in the sea west of Shetland. 

The current plans show the companies will start by drilling for 150 million barrels of oil with the overall idea of drilling the 800 million barrels available until 2050. 2050 is a date recognisable to most by now as the UK government’s net zero target. We all know that to have any chance of keeping under 1.5 degrees we must stop drilling for oil and gas now! No more coal, no more oil, keep the carbon in the soil. 

At a local community event on Saturday 7th August, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland failed to take a stance against the opening of Cambo when confronted by local climate activists. How can we call ourselves climate leaders when nations in the UK cannot oppose new oil contracts. 

The hosts of COP26 cannot approve new oil fields while calling themselves climate leaders. The time for words is over, the time is now for action. Climate solutions need to come from those at the top and this is the government's chance to show us that they are as serious as they claim to be about climate actions. Fossil fuel executives cannot control our chance at a sustainable life, we need to #UproottheSytem

Source: https://act.foe.scot/stop-cambo-sign-letter

Cover Image: Jessica Kleczka