Senedd Politicians pledge support for Teach the Future

Abbie Williams
April 1, 2021

On Thursday 6th of May the Senedd elections will take place in Wales. This will be the first election where 16-18 year olds can vote, this is also an election where climate must be a priority. This election gives candidates the opportunity to show that they support educating Welsh youth on the climate and ecological emergency and ensuring they are prepared for the future they will face. 

Teach the Future Wales has been very busy starting our election campaign. We have been contacting election candidates asking if they would pledge their support for climate education. 

The pledge which was drafted by young people in Wales volunteering for the Teach the Future campaign is as follows: 

If elected as a Member of the Senedd on May 6th 2021, I pledge to use my voice and my vote to:

  • Endorse the four key policy asks of Teach the Future Wales, specifically, and do everything within my power to have them legislatively ratified
  • Actively promote the inclusion of the climate emergency and associated social justice issues within the national curriculum
  • Work at a grassroots level to support teaching staff in the communication of these issues
  • Encourage the implementation of sustainable action in educational facilities, within my representative jurisdiction

This pledge has been supported by most of the parties and has been signed by a few candidates. Teach the Future Wales will continue reaching out to all the candidates to encourage them to commit to supporting Teach the Future’s policy asks if they are elected to the Senedd of the 6th of May. 

Teach the Future Wales will be holding a twitter storm on Tuesday 13th to encourage candidates to sign our pledge. We will be releasing more information on our twitter shortly @_TeachtheFuture