Learning for Sustainability Scotland Action Plan

Alyson MacKay
June 23, 2023

Teach the Future Scotland is delighted with the progress that has been made by the Scottish Government, who have launched their Action Plan.

What is Learning for Sustainability? "The umbrella term for sustainable development education, outdoor learning, global citizenship and social welfare" - From Learning from Sustainability Scotland).

The new Action Plan has been supported by Learning for Sustainability Scotland and many other focus groups and organisations. It is a collective Action Plan which will see climate education for all across Scotland be improved and actioned.

We have a close working relation with the team at Learning for Sustainability Scotland. While we were updating our current asks for the Scottish Government, we consulted with Learning for Sustainability Scotland. Likewise, we have been able to provide the insights of our volunteers during their recent work. The Director of RCE Scotland, Pete Higgins, was one of our guest speakers at our Parliamentary Reception in March 2023.

Our team looks forward to continuing this working relationship to ensure that climate education is provided for all across Scotland as soon as possible. By cooperating and sharing resources we are able to keep momentum and reach our common goals.

Find out more about Learning for Sustainability Scotland on their website here.

You can read the official Scottish Government published Action Plan here.