Labour has adopted our Climate Education Bill in their draft policy programme ahead of the general election!

Teach the Future
October 7, 2023

In January 2022, Labour MP Nadia Whittome announced that the Labour Party would officially back our Climate Education Bill. On the 5th of October 2023, ahead of the Labour Party Conference (8th-11th October), it was announced that our has made it into the draft policy programme


  • Integrate learning about climate change and sustainability throughout the curriculum in schools and on vocational courses and provide training and support for teachers.
  • Develop plans which will see existing workers upskilled and trained and give young people the knowledge and skills to thrive in the transition to a net zero society.
  • Grow apprenticeship opportunities in green industries and across our economy, ensuring these are available for young people.
  • Ramp up public capital investment into the green economy to £28bn a year in the second half of the parliament at the latest, alongside an active industrial strategy, with strategic public investment attracting private sector investment, bringing high-quality, unionised, sustainable jobs to all parts of the country and protecting existing jobs as industries evolve and decarbonise.

The work doesn’t end here. Although it has been accepted into the draft policy, we need to keep the pressure on to ensure it makes it into the final programme. If it does it will inform the Labour Party manifesto ahead of the next general election.

What now? We need support from members of the Labour Party, we need them to vote in favour of adoption of the programme. You can reach out to your elected officials within the Labour Party and encourage them by email or by tagging on social media - make as much noise as possible! We need to ensure that climate education is not dropped down the list of priorities. This would be a big win for our campaign, for climate justice and directly for education in Wales and England!

We are not affiliated to any political party, we work with MPs across all parties and nations, we are committed to climate education for all. We want every party across the UK to adopt climate education as a priority in their manifestos. Does your MP support our Climate Education Bill? Use our template to email them now and tell them to back the Climate Education Bill to ensure all students are taught about the climate crisis and how to prepare for it, giving them the tools and the knowledge to create change. The next generation deserves climate education.

A big thank you to Nadia Whittome MP for her continued support and for putting our bill forward in the first place! Watch the highlights of our first reading when Nadia put our bill forward.

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