Global strike

Anna Brown
July 8, 2021

Fridays for Future is gearing up for the next Global Climate Strike on September 24th, 2021 to demand rapid climate action from world leaders, especially politicians from the Global North. 

In the midst of the various public health, sociopolitical, and economic crises that the world continues to face, climate activists continue to talk about the importance of fighting for every fraction of a degree and addressing the climate injustice that we live in.

This time however, globally the youth movement is putting a special highlight on the intersectionality of the climate crisis, other socio-economic crises such as racism, sexism, ableism, class inequality, and more amplify the climate crisis and vice versa with the hashtag #UprootTheSystem. The historical victories of collective action have proven the need for the youth to stand united with the multisectoral, intergenerational struggle for a better future for all; a future where people and planet are prioritized.

With both the COVID, climate, and every crisis in history, overexploited countries and marginalized sectors of society are systematically left behind to fend for themselves. The time to join the masses and follow the lead of our environmental defenders and workers has been long overdue. The Global North has a climate debt to humanity. Reparations to MAPA (Most Affected Peoples and Areas) must be paid for the historic injustices of the richest elite, vaccine equity, cancellation of debt, and climate finance are only the beginning of these. Together we will fight for a just future where no one is left behind. (Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Philippines)

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