English Councillors and Mayors Pledge

Bea Harrison
April 6, 2021

As our organisation grows in community support, as demonstrated by our ever-increasing number of petition signatures (currently at 20,000 thanks to all of you lovely people!), Teach The Future is fuelled by that support to continue pushing for better government policies on sufficient climate education.

With this in mind, in late March this year, Teach The Future England sent a pledge to all councillors and mayors in England. This pledge explained how we believe that current education on the climate crisis is inadequate, mainly only taught in little detail in science-based subjects, and how we believe that it is essential that this changes to enable young people to learn about problems that do and will continue to affect them in the future as well as the solutions that can be found for them.

We also put forward our Asks on:

  1. Education system review
  2. Teacher Training 
  3. An English Climate Emergency Education Act

The aim of this pledge is to engage local government as a key part of a solution to tackling this crisis. Our pledge asks that councillors and mayors use their voice and their vote to:

  1. Endorse the three key policy asks of Teach the Future England
  2. Actively promote the inclusion of the climate emergency and associated social justice issues within the national curriculum
  3. Advocate for the carbon neutrality and negative emissions of new construction and retrofitting projects within the educational estate
  4. Encourage the creation of optional skills enhancement courses for teachers and learning staff in the areas of sustainability and climate justice
  5. Work within local and national parties to push for wider manifesto adoption of climate education policies at conferences and/or ahead of upcoming elections.

If you, the reader, would like to help us, please contact your local mayor and or councillor and ask them to sign our pledge and explain why, as a constituent of theirs, this would directly benefit the community.