Curriculum for a Changing Climate: Subjects

Teach the Future England
September 16, 2022

Follow the links to read the subjects reviewed as part of the Curriculum for a Changing Climate project. The subjects' curricula for both KS3 and GCSE have been revised to embed sustainability and the ecological emergency.

For Maths and Economics, we have also completed full rewrites of the curriculum as we believe an amended version still does not enable the teaching and learning needed to equip students to understand the causes and solutions to the climate emergency, the climate crisis, and ecological crisis. We have called these 'transformed curriculum'.

Art KS3

Art and design GCSE

Business GCSE

Design & Technology KS3

Design & Technology GCSE

Economics GCSE

Economics GCSE - transformed curriculum

English KS3

English GCSE

History KS3

History GCSE

Geography KS3

Geography GCSE

Maths KS3

Maths KS3 - transformed curriculum

Maths GCSE

Maths GCSE - transformed curriculum

Modern Foreign Languages KS3

Modern Foreign Languages GCSE

Science KS3

Science GCSE

Our project is an ongoing process, if you have any feedback or comments on the subject documents, or project in general, please do get in touch on