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Current climate education is  inadequate 

Students aren't being prepared to face the effects of climate change, or taught to understand the solutions.

But we can change this

The UK education system needs to be reformed around climate justice and sustainability. We are calling on politicians to take bold steps towards preparing students for the changing world. Join us!

Teach the Future Scotland
Launched July 2020
What we're up to

Teach the Future Northern Ireland
Launched March 2022
What we're up to

Teach the Future Wales
Launched February 2021
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Teach the Future England
Launched October 2019
What we're up to

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Help us win climate education this general election.

We are creating an un-ignorable wave of youth pressure for climate education ahead of the general election to ensure our next government delivers on mandatory, integrated, solutions-centred climate education.

See our full General Election campaign
Help us get better, greener school buildings


of secondary teachers say they are not teaching about the ecological crisis in a meaningful and relevant way


of students  feel that they know a lot about climate change.


of students  want to learn more about  the environment.


of teachers feel they haven’t received adequate training to educate students about climate change.

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Students standing with MP Nadia Whittome at our parliamentary reception

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