• Charlie Sweetman (UKSCN)

"Young people understand the reality of climate and ecological breakdown, often better than adults "

This month we have been astonished at the incredible amount of new organisations who want to support Teach the Future so today I thought we could share with you just a handful of snippets of blog posts by some of them!

The Edge

"The biggest barrier is that our teachers naturally teach what they know but the climate emergency is different and needs urgent action in schools and teacher training."

They continued by saying: "What is so important about this Programme is not only that today’s school students are tomorrow’s clients, professionals and users of the built and natural environment but they can also teach their families the zero-carbon way, now."

"not surprisingly we support their fifth call for zero carbon buildings."

- 02 May 2020

We have the POWER

"At We have the POWER we are extremely proud to support the Teach the Future campaign"

The blog continued to discuss our previous achievements such as: "they launched at a Parliamentary reception in February 2020 by UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) and Students Organising For Sustainability(SOS-UK)

- 06 May 2020

XR Educators

"According to the national curriculum, a student could easily leave school at 18 having heard climate change mentioned in as few as 10 lessons"

XR Educators continued: "Our current system, moreover, is built around reward, punishment and the shaming of failure and misbehaviour."

"The future we are facing requires, more than ever, emotional and psychological resilience, a sense of genuine community and solidarity between peers and also between young people and adults." "Despite the efforts of so many compassionate educators and institutions, our system is structurally opposed to achieving such resilience."

In closing they gave this piece -"As educators, we must support this movement, despite how hard it is to accept that we must disrupt our own lives in order to realise the change we need: our investments, our jobs, our pensions, our politics are all rooted in the toxic system that is killing our planet."

I would just like to publicly share our gratitude towards all of our incredible supporting organisations as we simply could not have come as far as we have and be here today without you!

Charlie Sweetman, 14

Teach the Future Campaign Coordinator

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