“Young people deserve opportunities to make a difference and have their voices heard”

Over the past month, we have been overwhelmed by the number of organisations contacting us in support of Teach the Future and sharing wonderful messages for Teach the Future. Here are just a few of those messages.

Global Action Plan:

“It is clear that to address both our climate and wellbeing crisis we must redefine what individual and societal success look like.

“This goes far beyond the remit of our schools, but the education system is a vital place to start.”

They continued, “To not give an existential threat like climate change significant attention is, I would argue, not only deeply irresponsible, but also incredibly patronising. It is in essence denying those who will be most affected the chance to understand, debate and contribute. The 2019 school strikes for the climate are testament to this – what role does school serve if those already “educated” are destroying the future you are being educated for? As such, Teach the Future’s call to repurpose the education system around our climate and ecological crises is absolutely critical.”

Maintenant - sustaining now said:

Students are the future and they know it and they want to be able to fix it, but how can they when they are fed a narrow curriculum...

...and taught to the test in order to fulfil constrictive and prescriptive formulas?

“The system is broken, not fit for purpose and has to change! Eco-anxiety in teenagers is a real and growing phenomenon. No wonder there are school strikes – they have every right to strike and we are right with them! However, change is currently and unbelievably not even on the government's agenda.”

ThoughtBox addressed TtF in one of their blog posts:

“Our education system needs an overhaul of, it is past time for an education evolution. This is apparent to so many teachers and educators within the system, to so many of us outside of the system who are working to support educational frameworks that can offer this, and significantly apparent to the young people who are growing up within it. 

They know that the education system isn’t fit for purpose and they have every right to speak out about it and ask for it to change.”

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages, we truly could not be here without you all and all of your support.

Mary Skuodas

15 years old, Teach the Future volunteer

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