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Thanks to all those that donated to our Teach the Future crowdfunder. As of today that is 332 of you, totalling £5,553! We so appreciate your very generous support, and are absolutely buzzing from all your encouraging and supportive comments, it has totally reassured us we are on to something with our campaign and motivated us to get our demands implemented! We have now booked the biggest available room in Parliament, the Terrace Pavilion, for Wednesday 26 February 2020, so that will be our big day in parliament. Angel Rayner MP has agreed to be our formal event sponsor, which is great as she is the shadow Education Secretary. We have asked her to speak at the event. We have invited Gavin Williamson, the Secretary of State for Education, to speak at the event too, as well as the General Secretaries of both the National Education Union and the Association of School and College Leaders.    Our plan for the event is to engage as many new and returning MPs in Teach the Future as possible. To help make it as easy as possible for them to implement our demands, we have decided to draft a parliamentary bill that we will unveil at our event. We are not sure, but we think it might be the first time ever that pupils and students have written legislation that shapes our education. Basically we haven’t got time to waste waiting for others to do it for us, we are in a climate emergency and ecological crisis. Writing legislation is complicated, because we have been told it needs to refer to, or change, other bits of legislation. As such, we have found a professional parliamentary draftsperson who is helping us, and converting our asks into legalese.

You might have noticed that we have upped the crowdfunder target to £11,250. We massively underestimated the costs when we launched the crowdfunder. We thought £4,000 was enough, but the room in parliament is actually £7.2k, because we have gone for the biggest room, so we can engage the most MPs, and you have to order catering from them, and the bill writer will be £2.4k, and we need to factor in our travel to London and hotels. Thank you to all of you that have donated. If you haven’t already, please do chip in if you can afford to do so. We will send out the incentive bottles at the end of the crowdfunder and for those of you coming to the reception, we will be in touch soon. Thank you again for all you amazing support and encouragement Zamzam, 26

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