Scarlett Westbrook - Campaign Coordinator

Today we are so excited to announce that we are in the process of employing 6 new staff members to work on the Teach the Future campaign. Each will be introduced in a short blog, in third is Scarlett Westbrook.

So, who are you?

Hello, I’m Scarlett! I’m a 15-year-old climate activist and am from the West Midlands. I became involved in climate activism whilst I was undertaking my A-level in Government and Politics, where I specialised in education and environmental policy for my a2. This qualification, which I am the youngest person in the world to have achieved (aged 13), meant that I had to explore these two areas in great depth, allowing me to see just how much more work needs to be done in these areas. I’ve been a member of UKSCN, where i mostly do policy and outreach, and since February, and have been working on Teach the Future since its creation last summer.

Why is Teach the Future/Climate Education important to you? Teach the Future is important to me, as having experienced all levels of mandatory education (nursery to A levels - where the climate policy unit i did has now been scrapped), I’ve been able to see first hand just how absent climate education is from our school system. Climate change is the biggest crisis we’ve ever faced, and so it only makes sense to equip the ‘future’ with adequate knowledge on the crisis so that we can build a resilient society. We also need to be aiming to build an education system that works for all; not just neurotypical, more privileged people, which the current system is disproportionately catered towards. Climate change education must be entrenched into every subject as the effects of climate change will affect everyone and everything. However, some people and places will be affected more - those of lower socioeconomic backgrounds, and especially people living in the global south will be prone to the most extreme impacts of climate change, largely due to the emaciation of their land and resources, and stunting of their economic capacity during colonisation. This also shows how we must decolonise the curriculum, and the systematic change our campaign promises can do this.

What are you bringing to the team? As a freelance opinion writer specialising in U.K. politics and environmental policy, I bring a strong policy background coupled with decent writing skills meaning that I can clearly articulate ideas, and consider things from a range of perspectives. My policy background is supplemented by not only my A level, but work on several pieces of legislation focusing on climate change, extensive research and experience from speaking at a wide multitude of events on climate policy! I’ve also been ‘Head of Outreach’ at two volunteer organisations so have lots of experience in engaging potential organisations and people that we can connect with. I’m energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about what I do, and can’t wait to get started! What's a fun fact about you? I’m a dancer! My favourite dance styles are ballet, modern jazz and contemporary.

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