Our Meeting with the Third Generation Project 

The Third Generation Projects’ communications coordinator Annabelle Von Molte contacted us on Monday 10th August after hearing about us through another project. 

The project is a climate justice think tank founded in 2016 located at the School of International Relations of the University of St Andrews.  Their aim is to use education and research to enable social change for climate justice by putting those most impacted by the climate crisis at the centre of pogressive education. The project does this by building long-term partnerships and offering their platform to groups marginalised in these discussions through linking people directly experiencing climate change in Eastern Africa to students and schools in St. Andrews.

Annabelle wanted to speak to us particularly about their “Breaking the 4th Wall of Climate Migration” campaign in which they piloted a series of climate justice workshops in schools in St. Andrews using digital storytelling methods to educate about climate justice and what it means to tell other people’s stories ethically and accoutably. 

This campaign has led them to fight for climate justice to be in the national curriculum and to do this they want to work with students directly. TtF UK supports their campaign and we have committed to helping each other in the future.

Anna Brown, 18

Teach the Future Scotland climate education advocate

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