• Scarlett Westbrook UKSCN

Now is not time for dithering, but the time to vote for our lives - because they depend on it.

Tomorrow we will face the prospect of implementing a new government. Hopefully, this will be one that brings with it notions of climate justice and education reform, two things so idiosyncratic to our being that this general election strikes fear in the hearts of many people when they think of what is at stake. For too many years, we have been postponing climate action and the education we have been receiving about the climate crisis alongside the government’s inaction has been comparatively dismal. Our governments have not only inadequately protected us from the climate crisis, but have also failed in educating our citizens about the crisis that will shape their future adequately. However, Tomorrow brings with it the chance to change this. Education brings with it the power to change lives. It is a priceless tool that can not only prepare and equip our young people so that they can adequately deal with the now inevitable effects of climate change, but build a resilient society and provide the basis for the climate scientists of tomorrow to work on. Whilst we learn about climate change in school, the biggest emergency of our time is merely glossed over and this is anything but satisfactory. We need the electorate to elect a government that will reform the education system so that it centres the climate crisis. We no longer have time for inaction and the failings of our curriculum in bringing about awareness, for now we are in desperate necessity for change.

Tomorrow we are faced with a choice between two governments: Labour or Conservative, we know that the best option of climate education comes with Labour.

Labour’s national education service brings with it the chance of this occurring. In times of climate breakdown, we must equip our young people with vital awareness so as the world as we know it is emaciated around us, the next generation can hold subsequent governments accountable, and play their part in ensuring that climate justice is achieved. Now is not time for dithering, but the time to vote for our lives - because they depend on it.

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