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Investing in retrofitting all education buildings to net-zero will:

Create tens of thousands of green jobs

Ensure investment is spread across the country

Help stimulate the UK economy

Reduce the UK's carbon emissions

Inspire students to live sustainably

We're calling on the government to make substantial investments into the UK education estate by retrofitting it to a net-zero standard through fiscal stimulus and in line with the net-zero by 2050 commitment. We want the government to ensure that all new state-funded educational buildings are net-zero from 2022 and all existing state-funded educational buildings are retrofitted to net-zero by 2030.

On the 28th May, the Prime Minister said that "The challenge now is getting the economy moving, creating high-class jobs, good jobs for the whole country. My mantra remains, the way to do that is by creating fantastic infrastructure, better education, better skills and Better technology, we will stick ruthlessly to that". We echo his calls: by investing in a net-zero education estate we can create many high-class sustainable jobs, create fantastic infrastructure and better technology, skills and education.

Using fiscal stimulus in this way would help HM Government ensure that any such post-COVID-19 investment is spread right across the country in an equitable way, creating tens of thousands of new green jobs, and helping improve the morale of students, teachers and school leaders. It would also ensure that the UK education sector is seen as a global leader on climate at COP26 next year, giving UK-PLC a competitive advantage through the skills and knowledge needed to lead the world into the low carbon future.

It is our view that the educational estate must be a priority for capital investment given the importance of the subliminal curriculum in educating the generation that will need to help deliver our net-zero target. The education system can, and will, play a pivotal role in helping transition society towards a net-zero future, and the buildings we are educated in must be at the heart of this. The Secretary of State for Education has indicated a commitment to young people’s mental health and we hope you can make this commitment tangible by also investing in improving outdoor spaces so that more students can enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor learning and connection with nature.

We've commissioned a costing of retrofitting the English education estate to net-zero, it can be viewed here.

We've written to Gavin Williamson, SoS of Education on this matter, the letter can be viewed here.

We've written to Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Alok Sharma, Business Recretary,  on this matter, the letters can be viewed here.

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