Find out what your MP candidates think about climate education by asking these questions:

(Remember to introduce yourself, as below)

As a year [XX] student, I am concerned that I have not learned nearly enough about the climate and ecological emergency during my education. 

As a parent, I am concerned about my child’s future and believe that education can be key to preparing them to tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

As an educator, I am concerned about the lack of content about sustainability in the national curriculum and the fact that climate change is not included in English teaching standards. 

Question 1 - General
The latest IPCC report says that we have less than 11 years to tackle the climate crisis and solve the ecological emergency.
How do you think the next government should respond to the climate crisis through the education system?
Question 2 - Net-zero Schools
I believe our schools should ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to sustainability.
Would your government commit to the demand by the youth-led Teach the Future campaign calling on all new schools to be net-zero carbon from 2020 and all existing schools to be net-zero carbon by 2030?
Question 3 - Learning Entitlement
Research by NUS and the Green Schools Project showed that just 4% of pupils felt they learned a lot about environmental issues and 68% wanted to learn more.
If elected, would you support a review of the national curriculum to ensure students are learning about the climate crisis and ecological emergency? 
Question 4 - Teacher Standards
Scotland and Wales have already included the climate crisis and ecological emergency in teaching standards, ensuring that it is a part of teacher training and that our educators are adequately equipped to teach future generations about these important topics.
If elected, would you call for this important update to the English teaching standards?  
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Teach the Future is a youth-led campaign to urgently repurpose the entire education system around the climate emergency and ecological crisis.
The English campaign is run by two organisations, UKSCN and SOS-UK.

The Scottish campaign is run by two organisations, SYCS and NUS Scotland.

The campaign is led by a team of over 40 young volunteers. 

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